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นิ้ววิเศษ (THE MAGIC FINGER)

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Descriptions :

Every child has at least once in their life thought of becoming a “magician”. that idea is Desire to cause something to happen or to disappear as you wish But some people may keep it hidden in their hearts. Reluctant to reveal it to others, Roald Dahl understood the profound feelings of children well, so he wrote "The Magic Finger". In addition, the person still has control over the power that he rarely has. In addition to the rampant that he rarely flirted with Teacher Winter until there is a bunch of tail The long beard also made the Gregg family The hunter-gatherer must repent when faced with unforgettable lessons. This story teaches children and youth to do wonderful things in their hearts. and act in unison In addition to Roald Dahl's signature playfulness, the famous author begins as a "magician" with a "magic finger" and "magic mind" against "crumbs" and "crumbs."

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Product Overview

ISBN : 9789741405473
Author(s) : โรอัลด์ ดาห์ล
Publisher : สำนักพิมพ์ผีเสื้อ
Status : In Stock
Category : วรรณกรรม วรรณกรรมต่างประเทศแปล หนังสือขายดี
Pages : 96
Publication Date : 2021
Format : ปกอ่อน
Dimensions (cm) : 13 x 18.5 x 0.6
Weight (g) : 110
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