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Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you certainly want to learn to speak Thai fluently. This book will take you a long way towards your goal. dâai ได้ is one of the most common words in Thai. It is a multifunctional helping verb and is used by Thais in several different ways. It has many distinct meanings depending on where it is placed in a sentence and which other words are used with it. With this book you won’t just learn how to use dâai ได้ but will also acquire a deeper knowledge of the Thai language in general. Included are: • complete and informative written examples • audio spoken by native speakers • highlights and explanations of dâai’s ได้ usage • sections of simple and easy to understand advice • useful hints and tips on dâai ได้ and the spoken Thai language Furthermore, you will get to see the language “through the eyes of dâai ได้”. Study this book and you will be rewarded; your Thai friends will be amazed at your deep understanding of the subtleties of their language. In the Book II (Secrets 15–22) you will learn how to use Thai tenses”

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ISBN : 9789526651200
Author(s) : Dhyan Manik
Publisher : Dolphin Books
Status : In Stock
Category : หนังสือ 2 ภาษา คนต่างชาติเรียนไทย หนังสือ 2 ภาษา , ต่างชาติเรียนไทย
Pages : 283
Publication Date : 2018
Format : ปกอ่อน
Dimensions (cm) : 15 x 21 x 1.8
Weight (g) : 360
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