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hâi ให้, along with words like dâai ได้, lɛ́ɛu แล้ว and kɔ̂ɔ ก็, is one of the most important words in the Thai language. When speaking Thai it’s important to understand how the verb hâi ให้ is used correctly by Thai people in everyday speech. One simple way to use the verb hâi ให้ is to give something to someone. It is used in a similar way as the verb to give is used in English. In addition, hâi ให้ is used as a causative verb which has several different meanings depending on the situation, and the way it is spoken. It can be translated into English as to let, to allow, to make and even to order or to force someone to do something. In some situations hâi ให้ is better translated into English as the preposition “for”, as in “for you”, “for me” etc. It is also often used in idiomatic phrases where it carries no meaning itself but denotes only the sense of a command. Thais use the verb hâi ให้ in an intuitive way in a variety of situations in order to express feelings, wishes, commands and nuances of meaning while communicating with each other every day. If you learn this word well you will be rewarded.”

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ISBN : 9789526651156
Author(s) : Dhyan Manik
Publisher : Dolphin Books
Status : In Stock
Category : หนังสือ 2 ภาษา คนต่างชาติเรียนไทย หนังสือ 2 ภาษา , ต่างชาติเรียนไทย
Pages : 307
Publication Date : 2016
Format : ปกอ่อน
Dimensions (cm) : 14.2 x 20 x 1.8
Weight (g) : 360
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