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Descriptions :
This fabulous series takes key scientific developments from the last century and investigates how they came about, their creation or discovery, and their long-term effects. Each book places the development in the context of its time, to increase awareness of some of the amazing discoveries that have helped to shape the world today, and the key people behind each of these scientific milestones. The First Polio Vaccine explains what vaccinations are and how they work, discusses how Salk created his vaccine and how his work was received by his peers and the public, investigates how other scientists developed the polio vaccine, and takes a look at what his discovery has meant for medical science up to the present day.
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Product Overview

ISBN : 9780237536305
Author(s) : Guy De La Bedoyere
Publisher : Evans
Status : In Stock
Category : Children's Books English
Pages : 48
Publication Date : 2005
Format : Art Paper
Dimensions (cm) : 19.3*25.2
Weight (g) : 200
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